Thursday, September 18, 2008

What a week...

This past week had us a bit overwhelmed. On Friday evening, Brynn was in her room and started screaming hysterically. Now, Brynn is quite a drama queen, so screaming hysterically no longer alarms me. I went into her room and found that her ceiling was leaking. There was a washbasket full of clean clothes and stuffed animals that was now completely waterlogged. Tim was still at work, so I called my dad to see what I should do. Temporarily I have a tarp on the attic insulation (there is no floor up there yet) with a couple of towels on it. This weekend we have to crawl up there and lay down some new shingles. Not looking forward to that...I am afraid of heights!
Saturday was Brynn's ACT classes and her first audition. This was for an agency out of Los Angeles. She was a total wreck until about 10 minutes before her turn. After she came back out of the audition, she said,"wow, that was really easy". If the company is interested in her we will hear from them in about two weeks.
Sunday Mara got stung by a wasp. Her hand and arm were swollen to about twice its normal size. It was really red and itchy and she just couldn't stop scratching.
Sunday night we started to get the effects of Hurricane Ike. The electricity flashed on and off several times (during the Steeler game no less). It finally went off completely around midnight.
Monday morning, still no electricity. We had a meeting with Brynn's gifted teacher at 8:30, so we loaded up the kids and went to school. We met with the teacher and we talked about the storms and no electricity and things like that. About 40 minutes into our meeting, Tim and I found out there was actually a two hour delay for school that day! Thank goodness we had that meeting or I would have been frantic waiting for the bus.
The electricity came back on later that afternoon at our house. But, we still didnt have water... I called Tim (again) and he came home to check it out. We ended up calling a plumber who gave us a name of a well guy. We took showers at the YMCA that night and the well guy came out to the house Tuesday afternoon.
We now have water, electricity, a healed wasp bite and 1 slightly less hysterical kid in the house. We'll see what happens with the roof this weekend!

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Jennifer said...

How DARE Ike mess with the Steelers game?